Ahmet Ercan Tekden

Research assistant at department of computer engineering at Boğaziçi university, member of Cognition, Learning and Robotics (CoLoRs) research group.

  e-mail: tekdenahmet AT gmail.com


About Me

I am a research assistant at Department of Computer Engineering at Boğaziçi University, supervised by Emre Uğur.

Currently, I am a member of Cognition, Learning and Robotics (CoLoRs) research group, Istanbul, Turkey and working in EU funded Horizon 2020 project, Robots Understanding Their Actions by Imagining Their Effects (IMAGINE). My current research is about enabling robots to understand its environment, and predict the consequences of its action on this environment.

My research interests lie in machine learning, and robotics. In particular, I am interested in pursuing the research question of how an agent should interact with its environment so that it can learn how to see the world and how to act on it.